Repertoire; Part IV


After a couple of weeks in flat 16 Id assumed the role of maid/receptionist and without realising, pimp, I had mastered my repertoire. In the beginningI manned the phones until I went home (usually 7pm) and it seemed I was a natural on them. Men would mainly call when they wanted a booking and some would text the blackberry. ‘R’ had set the phone up so that every message coming through was visible his end too (just an added element of control) he was the most paranoid man I have ever come across. ‘R was always thinking girls were plotting against him, funny because none of them were until the day I decided to go to the police. Every message that came through to the phone and was left for longer than 5 minutes he’d text or ring me bawling down the phone and raging like a mad man! No excuse even though genuine was ever good enough and i started to get stressed pretty quickly, I cant handle people shouting at me, Ive never been able to, I go quiet, lose all concentration and then get brain fog! I felt controlled and spied upon every time I was there and it was getting to me, I felt like I was in big brother and the ridiculous money I earned was the prize.
The girls liked me pretty quickly because it seemed the Liverpool folk liked my accent meaning a lot more bookings were going through. I often got ‘do you work love?’ to which of course in the beginning I replied ‘no I don’t cheeky!’ but with enough flirtation to make them book anyway, I was good at that, talented I guess. Men would mainly ring up for the girl they’d seen on the website which was either the one ‘R’ had made or one of the well known punter sites (yes there are many that I didn’t know even existed in my naive little bubble). ‘R’ insisted in photographing the girls for the sites’ in the sleeziest cheapest outfits making them look cheap and he’d blur all their faces. That man knew how to sell girls, I used to log to be behind the camera so I could take classy black and white pics of them in vogue-esque poses but that didn’t sell he said. I soon learned blurred faces wasn’t because he was protecting his girls identity but actually so that if that particular girl wasn’t working we could do a ‘pass off’.

A ‘pass off’ happened all the time, we also advertised way more girls than we even had; we’d keep those who had left ages ago because it drummed up more business. A guy would call for ‘Taylor’ a generic slim hot young blonde but Taylor wasn’t working; we didn’t want to lose the booking so instead I was told to lie and say ”yes Taylor is here what time and how long do you want? do you have any special requests?”  Most ‘special’ requests came in the form of ”does she do A-Levels or OWO?” To which I once replied “sorry she’s doing a B-tech” Laughed at by the girls I learned that it didn’t mean they were interested in her academic ability and that A-levels actually meant does she offer anal!!?  Serena and I still laugh hard at this little faux pas, shocking I know but hey I’m just telling you like it was.  Good ole’ Urban dictionary came to my rescue many times and I found out OWO meant ‘oral with-out’, meaning will the girl give a blowey with no condom on?… yuk! In my head I thought fuck off you dirty feral bastard course she wont! I was shocked that actually they all did; they all charged a measly extra £20 on top of the booking fee! I couldn’t bloody believe it but then I knew nothing, nothing at all. Horrible.

Back to pass-offs; a guy would ring for a particular girl but she wasn’t on duty or maybe had buggered off a long time ago never to return. ‘R’ had told me to save every single clients number for safety purposes (yeh right) but to also know who was a time waster too (many of them) and I’d save their number in the phone as ‘John: Busty brunettes-Susie’.This way when John who’d last seen Susie and liked big tits rang up again I knew I what he’d want so would be able to secure a booking for her or a similar girl, this wasn’t a pass-off this was a standard name save. If it was a pass-off this meant that their number would be stored as ‘John: Ashleigh as Taylor’ so stupid unsuspecting John would think he’d seen Taylor but he’d actually seen Ash and so when he rang again asking for Taylor I’d know to give him Ash and present it was Taylor. Pass-offs happened ALL the time, it never became a problem and even if the guys did work it out when they got there which honestly wasn’t often then they were always too horny to care! Its true what they say , a standing prick has no conscience and doesn’t know any better! There were thousands of numbers on that phone which the police couldn’t quite believe after I had handed it in probably not surprising to them that a few of them belonged to some of their own.

I answered the phone with my normal voice, I didn’t think to put one on but I was lucky that they liked it. As I say I’ve always been told I have a nice voice even by women but it actually pains me to hear any recording of my voice as I sound like an obnoxious teenager. They’d ring and ask for the girl, 90% of bookings were made for 30 mins or 1 hour and sometimes they would extend but this only tended to happen on weekends when men were drunk or coked up. 1 hour was £150 and 30 mins was £90 any extras were at the girls discretion and rightfully she kept all the money for that. 35% of the money the girl had to pay in ‘fees’ e.g. Pay her pimp a fat wedge, infuriating. On a bad day 10 bookings would go through and on a good day we could do up to 50 with both Liverpool and Manchester. I was able to do bookings for girls in Manchester too from the one phone. Once a booking was confirmed, I would BBM it or text it to the girl. Often I’d just tell the girl who would already be waiting in the apartment ready for a day of fucking. I liked it when the girls were in the apartment as I often felt frightened when alone or when it was just a couple of us, unless it was Susie for some reason she made me feel safe. ‘R’ also insisted ALL bookings went through on a BBM channel he had set up so that he could see his money rolling in and then work out with his accountants brain how much he was banking. Actually it was me who physically banked his cash into his Halifax account down on bold street twice a week, I often wondered if they ever suspected anything.

Bookings on the BBM channel would go as follows ‘Serena, 30mins in-call @£90 Trevor regular, pls confirm’. I would wait for them to text confirmed and then ‘R’ would see that too. Girls didn’t mind doing in-calls which meant men came to the apartment but it was hard graft getting them to go on outcalls for various reasons and I deffo didn’t blame them there. We had some fab outcall clients quite a lot of them being rich international students or business men ordering girls to their fancy hotels but we also had some friggin nutters too. Hotels could be tricky, some girls would be turned away with the staff knowing exactly what they were really there for. Outcalls to homes I didn’t like the girls doing either, it’s a whole new ball game; girls going to punters houses on the punters turf where they are comfortable… that made me anxious beyond belief. In the back of my mind every time I gave a girl a booking I’d hold my breath until they were ‘out’.

We had no security at the apartment ever and that made me feel on edge though ‘R’ always told me I was being ridiculous… a couple of months later Ash was held at gun point by a cheeky chancer who knew it was a knocking shop with a lot of money on site. Turned out the guy had a fake gun, but you don’t really know when your frozen in terror. Instead we had made our own safety instructions. Every time a girl went into a booking she would text ‘in’ (I must say I found that part hilariously ironic because Im crude af) when they left they texted me ‘out’  and that applied for both incalls and outcalls. ‘R’ only nosed in on this because he wanted to know if girls bookings got extended or not and if so he wasn’t going to miss getting his fee for the extension too. Everything he did was about money and with money you have power no matter what anyone tells you, I believe ‘R’ got off on the fact he ran girls and made money from them and not necessarily because he wanted to fuck his girls.

Hope you enjoyed this one, more juicy, hard-hitting, straight-talking shit in the next part! Stay tuned lovelies! xxxx

Love Lo xxx

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