I am Lo, I have been ‘Lo’ since my mum tired of using my full name when I was around two, and its just stuck.

Some of you might enjoy my blog where I share things about my ‘couldn’t make it up’ life with a lot of it focusing on some mad tales of times where I was a monumental, certifiable fuck up. Luckily (and rather smugly) I now feel as stable as Mary Berry ,well at least 3 weeks out of the 4 in a month 😉

I recently graduated from uni with a law degree, the bruises on my arm are from pinching myself and I don’t think they will disappear anytime soon. Its fair to say that for the first time in a long time Im feeling proud as punch, not hating myself nor spending my Sundays cowering in a corner of my bedsit or a seedy brothel (yes thats another story). I put a lot of my happiness and recent achievements down to the mere fact that I am loved, and for once I not only feel it but I know it too. I have also learnt to love myself (so fucking cliché) instead of continuing to punish myself for all my mistakes.

I live with my amazing, slightly insane, extremely tolerant and handsome husband named Rob with our Patterdale Terrier ‘Polly’ who is a total gob shite but we love her all the same.

I wanted to bring a blog that is brutally honest or ‘real talk’ as they say. Looking back I think during crucial periods of growth I had no one to turn to especially in my twenties which as I have mentioned, I really fucked up. So here I bring to you my tales of woe and happiness too but also to show you that no matter how shit you might feel or how lost you are that its all ok and if its not ok its not the end of the world; you will get through it. Im about to sound the biggest self righteous knob but I mean it when I say ‘If I can help one person feel better or get help or even laugh then my job here is done’. I am passionate about the mental health and general health and happiness of women and I want to be your naughty elder sister with only the best intentions or your auntie that your more mature mother and father despair of yet hopefully thank me for. I will not be just doom and gloom, fear not! I am obsessed with fashion and interiors so will be bringing to you posts about what Im loving lately. There will be posts on health, beauty and relationships too so I do hope you enjoy.

I often digress, procrastinate and smoke too much and I love a good battenberg cake. If you are faint hearted then please forgive me, I don’t sling in swear words for effect, I try to write as I would speak it and it just so happens that I have the mouth of a dirty sailor.


In the words of Veronica Corningstone “Thanks for stopping by”


Lo x